Fulltone OCD V1.7

Fulltone OCD V1.7, Guitar Effect

Item number: 100018911
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Guitar Effect • Effect Type: Overdrive • Technology: Analog • Mono / Stereo: Mono In, Mono Out • Controls: Volume, Tone, Drive • Modes: High Peak, Low Peak • Switches: Mode Switch • Bypass Mode: True bypass • Including: Battery 9 V Block • Power supply: 9 - 18 Volt DC, center negative • Power Consumption: n. a. • Battery powered: Battery Powered • Battery Type: 9 V Block • Housing size: Standard • Dimensions (WxHxD / cm): 6,35 x 5,33 x 11,43 • Weight: 0,45 kg • Country of Origin: Made in USA • Guitar Overdrive Effects Pedal with Highpass and Lowpass Filters • Tube-like overdrive and touch-sensitive response • HP/LP switch for instant re-voicing and uses • Volume, Tone, Drive controls • True bypass switching • The Fulltone OCD Obsessive Compulsive Drive is an overdrive pedal that responds to picking dynamics and touch sensitivity and produces beautiful harmonics. The Obsessive Compulsive Drive reacts beautifully to fat chords and fairs well with leads and solos. Roll back the guitar's volume and you've got a new range of sounds to play with. With the Fulltone OCD, your guitar still sounds like your guitar, just better. Along with standard Volume, Drive and Tone controls, the OCD's HP/LP High Peak/Low Peak switch takes the pedal from a clean boost to manic, sustain-laden distortion. True bypass switching.