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Furch B62-SW-5 « Acoustic BassFurch B62-SW-5, Acoustic Bass£ 1.505,- Furch D30-SM Vintage « Acoustic GuitarFurch D30-SM Vintage, Acoustic Guitar£ 938,- Furch D40 Millenium « Acoustic GuitarFurch D40 Millenium, Acoustic Guitar£ 531,- Furch D22-SR CE Millenium « Acoustic GuitarFurch D22-SR CE Millenium, Acoustic Guitar£ 1.674,- Furch D22-SR CE Millenium « Acoustic GuitarFurch D22-SR CE Millenium, Acoustic Guitar£ 1.918,- Furch D35 SR Vintage « Acoustic GuitarFurch D35 SR Vintage, Acoustic Guitar£ 1.948,- Furch G24-SK C Millenium « Acoustic GuitarFurch G24-SK C Millenium, Acoustic Guitar£ 2.214,- Furch G24-SR CE Millenium « Acoustic GuitarFurch G24-SR CE Millenium, Acoustic Guitar£ 2.037,- Furch G24-SR Millenium « Acoustic GuitarFurch G24-SR Millenium, Acoustic Guitar£ 1.744,- Furch G40 Millenium « Acoustic GuitarFurch G40 Millenium, Acoustic Guitar£ 531,- Furch OM24-SF E Millenium « Acoustic GuitarFurch OM24-SF E Millenium, Acoustic Guitar£ 1.948,- Furch OM32-SM Vintage « Acoustic GuitarFurch OM32-SM Vintage, Acoustic Guitar£ 1.423,- Furch OOM31-SR « Acoustic GuitarFurch OOM31-SR, Acoustic Guitar£ 1.328,- Furch R31-SR VS « Acoustic GuitarFurch R31-SR VS, Acoustic Guitar£ 1.239,- Furch OM35-SR Vintage « Acoustic GuitarFurch OM35-SR Vintage, Acoustic Guitar£ 1.948,- Furch RS34-SR Vintage « Acoustic GuitarFurch RS34-SR Vintage, Acoustic Guitar£ 1.682,- Furch D20-CM12 CE Millenium « Acoustic GuitarFurch D20-CM12 CE Millenium, Acoustic Guitar£ 1.062,- Furch D32-SM E Vintage « Acoustic GuitarFurch D32-SM E Vintage, Acoustic Guitar£ 1.692,- Furch D34-SR Vintage « Acoustic GuitarFurch D34-SR Vintage, Acoustic Guitar£ 1.682,- Furch OOM34-SR Vintage « Acoustic GuitarFurch OOM34-SR Vintage, Acoustic Guitar£ 1.749,- Furch S24-SF CE Millenium « Acoustic GuitarFurch S24-SF CE Millenium, Acoustic Guitar£ 2.144,- Furch G-SR/12 « Acoustic GuitarFurch G-SR/12, Acoustic Guitar£ 2.302,- Furch Indigo Deluxe D-CY « Acoustic GuitarFurch Indigo Deluxe D-CY, Acoustic Guitar£ 681,- Furch Indigo Deluxe G-CY « Acoustic GuitarFurch Indigo Deluxe G-CY, Acoustic Guitar£ 681,- Furch OM21-SW CE Millenium « Acoustic GuitarFurch OM21-SW CE Millenium, Acoustic Guitar£ 1.301,- Furch OM22-CM C « Lefthand AcousticFurch OM22-CM C, Lefthand Acoustic£ 1.328,- Furch R31-SM E VS « Acoustic GuitarFurch R31-SM E VS, Acoustic Guitar£ 1.505,- Furch Red Plus OMc-SR « Acoustic GuitarFurch Red Plus OMc-SR, Acoustic Guitar£ 2.656,- Furch S20-CM/12 Cut « Acoustic GuitarFurch S20-CM/12 Cut, Acoustic Guitar£ 885,-


Award-winning and international accredited guitars from the Czech Frantisek Furch, who started to build his first guitars in Mähren at the beginning of the 80s, are signified by innovativness and courage. Not wrongly has his passion for wonderful sounds and craft perfection been awarded "Gear of the Year" for the best instrument in it´s class, "Best Acoustic Guitar" by The Guitar Magazine.

This doesn´t make guitars from Furch cult, but the sound and price performace ratio are more than convincing. Furchs guitars even passed the sound check at Musik Produktiv: 20 employees had to judge the sound of different guitars whilst blind-folded - Furch´s models were always top 10! Furch guitars are a real insiders´tip, if your not interested in the brand name, but more rely on sound.

The wide Furch product range consists of Furch Bluegrass instruments, that are presented in vintage-look. Many valuable details, like a diamond and satin neck or semi-gloss antique finish give the guitar it´s nobel appearance. The Furch-Vintage-Series, the Furch Dreadnaught, OM and 12-fret-Model, as well as the Furch Durango Series, whose model range has also been expanded by the Grand-Auditorium and Superjumbos of different types, are instruments of different price categories. The range also holds a 4-string Furch-Acoustic-Bass with headway-pickup-system, whose sound volume sets new measurements.