G-LAB GSC-5 Guitar System Controller

G-LAB GSC-5 Guitar System Controller, Little Helper

Item number: 10079437
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Little Helper • Audio Looper • The G-LAB GSC-5 is a modular, programmable foot controller that allows you to manage all the equipment you need for guitarists, whether it's analog pedal boards, traditional tube amps, digital multieffects or MIDI-controlled DSP- processors. The GSC-5 consists of the Foot controller and the MPM-1 power supply module and is freely expandable with the 6 LOOP EXTENSION 6LE and 2 x 4 SEPARATED 9V PB-2 modules. For example, the position of the floor switches in the signal path can be selected individually. The GSC-5 has 6 clearly recognisable LCD displays in which it also displays the functions of the individual switches, so you do not have to think about what you have programmed where. The innovative design of the GSC-5 allows the 6LE and PB2 modules to be placed inside the controller, while the positioning of the connectors ensures a stress-free connection without endangering the individual connections. The MPM-1 power supply module contains the MIDI connectors, six switchouts for switching amplifiers, the EXT Out and a 12 Volt power supply for expansion modules. Thanks to the option to connect up to three 6LE modules, it is possible to manage up to 18 different guitar effects and to supply power via the PB-2 modules. The possibilities opened up with the use of the G-Lab GSC-5 are endless.