Gibson Vintage 57 Classic Custom, Nickel, 4-adrig

Gibson Vintage 57 Classic Custom, Nickel, 4-adrig, Electric Guitar Pickup

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Electric Guitar Pickup • Technology: Humbucker • Strings: 6 string • Position: Bridge, middle, neck • Character: Warm, classic • Connections: 4 wires • Magnet: Alnico II • Output: Low • Impedance: ~ 8 kOhms • Cover: Nickel • Including: Wiring diagram & mounting screws • If you choose a Gibson humbucker, you buy from the manufacturer, who invented the humbucker in 1955. The same manufacturer that has been winding pickups since 1935 and was the first to use Alnico magnets and adjustable pole pieces in pickups. The quality claim of Gibson borders on obsession to the point that they produce their own magnets to ensure that all values are coherent. The pickups are waxed and the Pole Shoes (these are the metal tubes in which the pole pieces sit) are narrow fitting to avoid any microphonics. Authentic PAF replica, but with equally wound coils in contrast to the Burstbuckers and somewhat "sweeter" sounding. Now available as "Classic Custom Wound", also available as a 4 wire version.