Gretsch Electromatic G5620T-CB Center Block Red

Gretsch Electromatic G5620T-CB Center Block Red, Electric Guitar

Item number: 10072146
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Electric Guitar • Colour / Finish: Red • Technology: Semi-Hollow Body • Body Shape: Jazz Shape • Strings: 6 string • Neck construction: Set in neck • Frets: 22 • Scale Length: 24,62" (62,54 cm) • Body Material: Maple • Neck: Maple • Fretboard: Rosewood • Fretboard Inlays: Thumbnail inlays • Pickup Configuration: H-H (2x Humbucker) • Neck Pickup: Gretsch SUPER HiLo'Tron™ • Bridge Pickup: Gretsch Black Top Filter'Tron™ • Pickup Selector Switch: 3 way toggle • Controls: 2x volume, 1x master volume, 2x tone • Bridge / Tremolo: Bigsby style • Hardware: Chrome • Gretsch is cult! Hardly any other guitar company has shaped the face of the Rock 'n Roll like Gretsch. It has always been a bit problematic to use a Hollow Body Gretsch to drive the slightly more higher gain music without producing a harsh feedback. The Gretsch Electromatic G5620T-CB is a representative of this series. Due to the solid center block in the style of an ES-335, the G5620 is insensitive to unwanted feedback - Gretsch calls it High Gain Friendly! Visually and technically the guitar is a real Gretsch with vintage Vibe: Bigsby Tremolo, 2 Black Top Filtertron pickups and Thumbnail Inlays.

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