Gretsch Renown Purewood Walnut Fusion Bundle

Gretsch Renown Purewood Walnut Fusion Bundle, Drum Kit

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Drum Kit • Type: Shell set with hardware • Configuration: Fusion kit • Bass Drum: 22" x 18" No Mount • Tom 1: 10" x 7" • Tom 2: 12" x 8" • Floor Tom: 16" x 14" • Snare: 14" x 6,5" • Shell Material: Walnut • Shell hardware: Chrome • Shell surface: Varnished / lacquered • Colour / Finish: Gloss Natural • Hardware Included: Including hardware • Note: Drum-Bundle incl. Hardware set Gibraltar, Signature Snaredrum from Taylor Hawkins and Hardwarebag • "That Great Gretsch Sound! " And Fred Gretsch presents this limited Edition Drumset in the beautiful natural finish "Gloss Natural" with a perfect shell composition for every modern rock and pop drummer. Whether rock or metal, funk or dance music: this drumset leaves nothing to be desired. Manufactured according to the old Gretsch tradition, this drumset has an incredible and timeless power sound and will fit perfectly into any band concept. Supplied with:
  • 1 x Shellset Gretsch Renown Walnut RW1-E8246-GN
  • 1 x Snare Drum Gretsch Signature S-6514-TH Taylor Hawkins
  • 1 x HiHat machine Gibraltar
  • 1 x snare drum stand Gibraltar
  • 2 x cymbal / tomstands Gibraltar
  • 1 x Hardwarebag Gibraltar
Caution: Limited Edition! Only while stocks last! The foot pedal is NOT included!