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VOX VT20X « Guitar AmpVOX VT20X, Guitar Amp£ 149,- VOX VT40X « Guitar AmpVOX VT40X, Guitar Amp£ 176,- Vox Valvetronix VX-VFS5 « FootswitchVox Valvetronix VX-VFS5, Footswitch£ 50,- VOX VT100X « Guitar AmpVOX VT100X, Guitar Amp£ 238,-

VOX Valvetronix

The perfect combination of tube sounds with modelling technology was presented in 2001 with the VOX Valve Reactor technology. Valve Reactor technology has since been refined several times and in 2010 the VOX Valvetronics series has been improved with more dynamics and more and significantly improved amp models. From the handy VT20+ to the VT120+ with two speakers, the new Valvetronix VT+ Series was designed for guitarists looking for maximum tonal variety.

Tube driven VOX Valve Reactor circuit.
With its extended dynamic range, fat drive tone, and capability of reproducing subtle picking nuances, the VOX Valvetronix provides accurate emulations of everything from British and American amplifiers to modern high-gain circuitry. The 12AX7 tube equipped with a Valve Reactor circuit VT+ simulates the behavior of the subtle nuances and the characteristics of a tube amplifier perfectly.