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KHDK Dark Blood « Guitar EffectKHDK Dark Blood, Guitar Effect£ 214,- KHDK Ghoul Screamer « Guitar EffectKHDK Ghoul Screamer, Guitar Effect£ 188,- KHDK 1 Overdrive « Guitar EffectKHDK 1 Overdrive, Guitar Effect£ 171,- KHDK SB Scuzz Box « Guitar EffectKHDK SB Scuzz Box, Guitar Effect£ 171,- KHDK 2 Clean Boost « Guitar EffectKHDK 2 Clean Boost, Guitar Effect£ 154,- KHDK Dark Blood SIGNED « Guitar EffectKHDK Dark Blood SIGNED, Guitar Effect£ 214,-


The company name KHDK consists of the initials of the company owner Kirk Hammett and David Karen. The Metallica guitarist is a total pedal freak and so it was natural to join forces with businessman David Karen and the developer Antonin Salva, who has made a name for himself in the scene with Custom pedals and amp modifications. These KHDK pedals products are made in a small family business in Paducah / Kentucky.