HK-Audio Pulsar mono Set

HK-Audio Pulsar mono Set, Active PA-Speakers

Item number: 10092875
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Active PA-Speakers • Complete PA set • Design: Set • Internal cross over: Yes • Components: Sub: 18" LF-driver; Top: 12" LF/1" HF-driver • directional characteristic: 90° x 55° • Power amp output: 1.600 W • Frequency range: 40 Hz - 19 kHz • Pole flange: Subwoofer M20 thread, Top Flange 36 mm • Flyability: No • Enclosure: Multiplex; black finish • Weight: Sub: 40,5 kg; Top: 19,7 kg • Colour / Finish: Black • 1X Pulsar PL 112 FA • 1X Pulsar PL 118 Sub A • This set consists of the PL 112 FA top section and the PL 118 Sub A bass speaker from HK-Audio. Both come from the Pulsar series and can be positioned and connected with each other by means of a spacer bar and XLR cables (tripod and cables are not included). The Pulsar PL 118 SUB A subwoofer has an 18-inch woofer and a 600-watt amplifier. Despite a remarkable depth, the PL 118 SUB A makes tonal basses very defined. The hybrid design from bass reflex port with resonator chamber provides impressive sound power and remarkably dry bass. This characteristic makes the PL 118 SUB A ideal for both DJs and larger live PAs. Thanks to the input section with flexible active crossover and stereo inputs, setups such as 2.1, Half-Stack and Full-Stack are easy to set up. Protective covers are optional and the assembly of castors is already prepared. The Pulsar PL 112 FA is an active 12-inch box, with a power of 1,000 watts and three inputs. In addition to its compact dimensions and its pleasant weight, the dynamic resolution removes it from the mass of similar systems. Its amazing bass capabilities are maintained even at high volumes and do not detract from the mid-range playback, which is important in live operation. The outstanding acoustic properties are ensured by the robust wooden case as well as by the intelligently programmed DSP controller.