Hohner Unsere Lieblinge 24

Hohner Unsere Lieblinge 24, Oktav-Harmonika

Item number: 7401013
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Oktav-Harmonika • Key: C • Tuning: Major • Number of reeds: 24 • Body material: Wood • Coverplate finishing: Nickel Plated • Reed plate thickness: 0,9 mm • Accessories: Transport case • Unsere Lieblinge 24, C-major Viennese Octave Harmonica from Hohner Octave tuned harmonicas feature the same horizontal division of the channel openings as tremolo tuned instruments and are also mainly used in folk music. Here the upper and lower notes are tuned exactly one octave apart, resulting in a full, powerful sound without any tremolo beats. The classic octave tuned harmonicas with curved wooden bodies (´banana form´) and just intonation. These popular traditional instruments are available in five different sizes offering a choice of tonal range. Key: C-major Reeds: 24 Reed plates: Brass 0.9 mm Comb: Wood

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