Ibanez Soundgear SR700-CN

Ibanez Soundgear SR700-CN, Electric Bass Guitar

Item number: 10013183
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Electric Bass Guitar • Colour / Finish: Charcoal Brown • Technology: Solid Body • Neck construction: Bolt on neck • Strings: 4-string • Frets: 24 • Scale: Long scale • Scale Length: 34" (86,36 cm) • Body Material: Mahogany with Maple centre section • Top: Figured Maple (Flame / Tiger / Curly Maple) • Neck: 5 piece Jatoba / Bubinga • Body Shape: Soundgear • Fretboard: Rosewood • Fretboard Inlays: Oval inlays • Neck Pickup: Bartolini Mk I • Bridge Pickup: Bartolini Mk I • Pickup type: Humbucker • Pickup Selector Switch: Blend • Electronics: 3 band Equaliser • Hardware: Cosmo Black • Country of Origin: Made in Indonesia • Ibanez Soundgear basses are suitable for any musical genre, from electric jazz to raging metal. The Ibanez SR700 CN 4-string Soundgear bass features a thinner Jatoba / Bubinga neck with thinner nut than a traditional bass, and a lightweight, balanced, contoured, and figured maple/mahogany wing body with maple center block. The onboard 3-band active Bartolini MK1 EQ with separate bass, mid and treble boost/cut control knob is perfectly matched to the Bartolini MK1 passive cobalt magnet humbucking pickups for a well balanced tone. IBANEZ SR700 CN 4-STRING SOUNDGEAR ELECTRIC BASS GUITAR FEATURES 4-string electric bass guitar. Soundgear Series. Grained Maple Top. Mahogany Body with Maple Mid-Part. 5-piece Jatoba / Bubinga SR4 Neck. 24 Medium Frets. Rosewood Fretboard. Abalone oval Inlays. Accu Cast B20 Bridge (19 mm String Space). Cosmo Black Hardware. Bartolini MK1 Neck Position pickup. Bartolini MK1 Bridge Position pickup. Bartolini MK1 3-Band EQ Electronic. Colour: Charcoal Brown.

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