Jackson Dinky JS11 MRD / Line 6 Spider Classic 15 Bundle

Jackson Dinky JS11 MRD / Line 6 Spider Classic 15 Bundle, E-Guitar Set

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E-Guitar Set • E-Guitar Model: Jackson Dinky JS11 • Construction: Solid Body • Body type: Modern Strat • Colour / Finish: Metallic Red • Pickup Configuration: H-H (2x Humbucker) • Amplifier model: Spider Classic 15 • Amp power: 15 W • EQ: Bass/mids/treble • Effects: DFX - Section • Including: Gigbag, strings, pick, cable, tuner • Jackson Dinky JS11 MR
Heavy Strat Body Shape • Solid Body • Bolt on neck • 2 Humbuckers • Metallic Red •
15 Watts • 4 channels (Clean / Crunch / Metal / Insane) • Modulation Effects (Flanger / Chorus / Phaser / Tremolo) • Hall / Delay (Sweep Echo / Tape Echo / Reverb) • AUX input (MP3 / CD) • Headphone output •
Well padded bag • Instrument cable 3 meters • Tuner • Belt • 12 different picks • The latest hit from our Electric Guitar Department! We have set ourselves the task of assembling the best starter set on the market, and we have analyzed the market for beginner sets. Our many years of experience have gone into the composition of the set and we think that the result has been really successful: The Jackson Dinky series is one of the most successful guitar designs of recent decades. The model saw the light of day in 1986 as "bolt on" Alternative to Jackson's Soloist Series. The Dinky is characterized by rounded edges, a small ST-Style Body and light weight. It comes with really high quality accessories. A good bag with carrying straps and decent zipper closures, a decent strap, a good selection of picks and a cable on a professional quality level. This is the most successful practice amplifier in its class worldwide, which despite its size offers many possibilities: four channels, modulation effects and delays make this amp simply great and guarantee playing fun without end. We do not know of a set with this equipment at this sensational price! Jackson Dinky JS11 SW