Jackson Soloist SLATXMGQ3-7 TRD

Jackson Soloist SLATXMGQ3-7 TRD, Electric Guitar

Item number: 10073402
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Electric Guitar • Colour / Finish: Trans Red • Technology: Solid Body • Body Shape: Modern Strat • Strings: 7 string • Neck construction: Neck thru • Frets: 24 • Scale Length: 26,5" (67,31 cm) • Body Material: Mahogany • Top: Quilted Maple • Neck: Maple graphite reinforced • Fretboard: Rosewood • Fretboard Inlays: Piranha Pearloid • Pickup Configuration: H-H (2x Humbucker) • Neck Pickup: EMG 707 • Bridge Pickup: EMG 707 • Pickup Selector Switch: 3-way switch • Controls: 1x volume, 1x tone • Bridge / Tremolo: Floyd Rose style • Hardware: Black • Country of Origin: Made in Indonesia • TonePros® TP7 7-String Strings-Through-Body Bridge • Strings. 009-. 056 • The high speed sports equipment for the Metal Fast finger mob! The Jackson Soloist SLATTXMGQ3-7 TRD shows what direction it's going in: Rock and Metal!! The facts speak for themselves: Through flat neck with 24 frets in a compound Radius, Bass wood body with Quilted Maple veneer and EMG pickups. All in a cool Transparent Red Finish.

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