Jackson Soloist SLATXSD 3-7 TPL

Jackson Soloist SLATXSD 3-7 TPL, Electric Guitar

Item number: 10077619
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Electric Guitar • Colour / Finish: Trans Purple • Technology: Solid Body • Body Shape: Modern Strat • Strings: 7 string • Neck construction: Neck thru • Frets: 24 • Scale Length: 26,5" (67,31 cm) • Body Material: Basswood • Top: Quilted maple • Neck: Maple • Fretboard: Rosewood • Fretboard Inlays: Piranha Tooth • Pickup Configuration: H-H (2x Humbucker) • Neck Pickup: Seymour Duncan Blackout • Bridge Pickup: Seymour Duncan Blackout • Pickup Selector Switch: 3 way toggle • Controls: 1x volume, 1x tone • Bridge / Tremolo: Floyd Rose™ Special • Hardware: Black • Country of Origin: Made in Korea • 12" to 16" Compound Radius • The Jackson soloist SLATHXSD 3-7 TPL is a contemporary 7-string guitar which is not only optically convincing but also convincing in performance and sound. The flat, fast neck in combination with the compound radius of the fingerboard offers best playing comfort. Jackson has also not spared on the electrics: a pair of Seymour Duncan Blackouts provide powerful sound.

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