K&M 16150

K&M 16150, Instrument Stand

Item number: 10046287
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Instrument Stand • Instrument: Universal • Instruments: 1 • Special Features: Microphone stand mount • For microphone stands • Consisting of fork and attachment • Suitable for all K & M tripods and tripods with 15/20 mm tube diameter • Easy mounting and transport • Incl. Plectrum holder for 2 picks • No space on stage! Then just hang your guitar on the microphone stand. With this newly designed guitar holder, you no longer need an additional guitar stand. The holder consists of two separate parts. The upper clamp is attached to the extension tube by means of a clamping screw. The rubberised pick-up fork keeps the guitar safe and secure. For transport, the fork can be folded in quickly, so that the holder has to be mounted only once. The lower elastic ring, which is simply fastened to the base tube with a hook and loop fastener, serves as a rest point and thus protects the guitar from damage.