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Karl's Relic-Wire

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Karl's Relic-Wire 3m WK/K « Instrument CableKarl's Relic-Wire 3m WK/K, Instrument Cable£ 52,- Karl's Relic-Wire 6m WK/K « Instrument CableKarl's Relic-Wire 6m WK/K, Instrument Cable£ 70,- Karl's Relic-Wire 9m K/K « Instrument CableKarl's Relic-Wire 9m K/K, Instrument Cable£ 88,- Karl's Relic-Wire 9m WK/K « Instrument CableKarl's Relic-Wire 9m WK/K, Instrument Cable£ 88,- Karl's Relic-Wire 3m K/K « Instrument CableKarl's Relic-Wire 3m K/K, Instrument Cable£ 52,- Karl's Relic-Wire 6m K/K « Instrument CableKarl's Relic-Wire 6m K/K, Instrument Cable£ 70,-

Karl's Relic-Wire

Karl's Relic-Wire instruments cable is a variation of Karl's Vintage-Wire, into which attention for detail has been invested. After the special aging treatment the authentic tweed look is apparent.

The Relic-Wire is manufactured for guitarists everyday use, but offer values ​​like hardly another cable, especially for the use in the studio. The implemented G & H Industries jack plug with solid core copper from the tip to the soldering contact ensures that the plug does not cause any signal loss. In addition to the excellent sound properties, the Lava Premium Vintage Tweed cable used offers a particularly thick shield and a very robust outer jacket in Tweed look.

Karl's Wire is meticulously hand made in Germany with the utmost care. Only high-end components are used to provide the best possible cable at affordable prices

Specifications of the Lava Cable Premium Vintage Tweed used:
  • 99.99% OFHC pure copper low strand count 20 AWG conductor
  • 23 pF / ft low capacitance
  • 99.99% pure OFHC 98% braided shield for superior RF rejection
  • 4% silver solder to maximize signal flow
  • . 305 "Outer diameter Matte PVC Jacket with Vintage Tweed braid for ultimate Durability