Kemper Set Profiling Head + Remote
Guitar Preamp Kemper Set Profiling Head + RemoteGuitar Preamp Kemper Set Profiling Head + Remote (2)

Kemper Set Profiling Head + Remote

  • Technology: Modelling
  • Effects: Effects Processer
  • MIDI: yes
  • Recording Out: yes

Kemper Set Profiling Head + Remote · Guitar Preamp

TThe Kemper Profiler enables what generations of guitarists have desired for years, the sound of any conceivable amplifier, available in an amp.
How does that work? First of all, with absolute cutting edge technology that can capture the sonic DNA of any guitar amp. The resulting profiles are as lively, impulsive and dynamic as the original amp.
The profile itself is quite simple. First, connect a Kemper at the input of the amp to be profiled or at the beginning of the corresponding signal chain and let him work. The Kemper Profiler now sends different test signals into the amplifier and then draws on a speaker to be placed in front of the microphone. The type of microphone also plays a role. The guitar is not being used here. After less than a minute the Kemper knows what has to be done and presents the resulting profile. Now you can compare through the A / B comparison mode (and of course, this time with the guitar) compare the profile directly to the original sound of the amp and, if necessary, make final small adjustments by hand.
The resulting options are naturally gorgeous. The gain control of the Kemper is kept neutral, so that even the sound of a fully cranked Full Stack is possible even at bedroom volumes. The integrated effects section also contributes to individual fine tuning, such as up to four virtual upstream pedals. Obviously, you can also adjust parameters, such as, Power Sagging, the saturation behavior and, and, and...

Kemper Profiling Amp
The Kemper Profiling technology represents a quantum leap in the reproduction of authentic effect/amp/speaker and microphone sounds.

With a conventional modeling technic a specific Amp Speaker combination is simulated, the profiling technic however offers its own or desired setup consisting of effect pedals, amps, speakers or microphones to be transfered to the Kemper Profiling Amp. Here all dynamic and tonal nuances are analyzed over 1:1 and the chosen sound the current sound is so to say cloned.


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