Kloppmann Real 62 Strat Set (RwrP)

Kloppmann Real 62 Strat Set (RwrP)

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  • Technology: Single coil
  • Strings: 6 string
  • Position: Bridge, middle, neck
  • Character: Powerfull and fat
  • Connections: 2 Cable, waxed cloth
  • Pole Pieces: Staggered
  • Cover: White
  • Including: wiring diagram, mounting screws, condenser, cloth wire
  • Features: Hand wound

Kloppmann Real 62 Strat Set (RwrP) · Electric Guitar Pickup

The Year 1962 in conjunction with a Stratocaster puts the usual suspects in the front row: Stevie Ray Vaughan and Rory Gallagher. This is quite right so because the Real 62 pickups sound big, thick and round without losing the typical pre-CBS shine. But also George Harrison and John Lennon bought two (December) '61 Stratocasters in Sonic Blue at the end of 1964 and put these guitars on the album "Help" & "Rubber Soul". So if you are looking for these sounds - from SRV to Beatles - you cannot miss the Real 62 set. It is available with puristic "straight" as well as "RwrP" midpickup.

Reverse Wound / Reverse Polarity at the Middle Pickup!

Each ST or TL set comes with a capacitor suitable for the character and with approx. 35cm "7 stranded cloth wire" for the internal cabling.

Kloppmann pickups - have their price but they are worth it as well

Andreas Kloppmann has worked for years to achieve his good name. Since mid-1980 he has collected and archived data of pickups. Many findings were won through measuring but also unwinding defective pick ups to see how much of what was wound where.

Each Kloppmann pickup is hand wound individually in a winding machine from the 1960s and the wire is guided by hand. The number of turns is counted mechanically. Based on years of experience, important sonic parameters can be determined during the winding process.

Using a comprehensive database - full of the frequency response curves of different pickups - different products are manufactured and their characteristics compared with those of their counterparts. According to the measured data and the frequency response curve the intended destination of the pickup is then assigned. (Neck, middle, bridge, hot, vintage or similar) Every pickup gets a production number and their individual data is stored. With this method, there is always the possibility of becoming an identical product from the production line.

And for those who do not believe in measuring results and frequency curves: Andreas Kloppmann has been an active musician for more than 25 years (guitarist, of course), connoisseur of vintage instruments and controls his products, of course, by ear.


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