Koch Amps Dummybox Studio DB60-SP

Koch Amps Dummybox Studio DB60-SP

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  • Load Box / Power Soak
  • Thru Output
  • Monitor Output: 5%, 3%, 1%
  • XLR Output: 600 Ohm, Ground lift Schalter
  • Speaker Cabinet: 1 x 12" oder 4 x 12"
  • Mikrofonposition: Axis oder Off-Axis

Koch Amps Dummybox Studio DB60-SP · Little Helper

The Studio DB60-SP Dummybox from the Dutch amp specialist Koch is a practical tool for studio/recording applications. Volume is generally a problem with home recording: The personal favorite amp only sounds good when the power amp is saturated and the angry neighbours knock on the walls. With the DB60, a tube amp with a maximum output of 60 watts can be operated without a cab. A multi-switchable speaker simulation provides a frequency-band-corrected, symmetrical signal, ideal for getting a perfect guitar sound directly onto the computer or the console. In addition, a volume reduced monitor-output is available for connecting up a Cabinet.


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