Korg GA-40

Korg GA-40, Tuner

Item number: 100027481
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Tuner • Instrument: Guitar and bass • Design: Pocket device • Chromatic: No • Metronome: no • Guitar Tuner • LCD display • Flat Tuning • Automatic detection of vocal tone • Also suitable for 6-string bass • Built-in microphone • Built-in speaker for audible tone • Including Batteries
Leave your amp plugged in while you tune up with the Korg GA-40. Conveniently thin and compact The Korg GA-40 gives you convenient guitar and bass tuning functionality in a pocket-sized package, making it easy to tune whether you're on stage or in the studio. The Korg GA-40 electronic guitar and bass tuner with automatic pitch detection features an 1/4-inch output jack so you can leave your amp plugged in. An ultra-large LCD screen provides excellent visibility. Adjustable calibration range from 410-480Hz. Tunes 6 & 7 string guitars and 4-, 5-, and 6-string basses. In Guitar mode it supports seven-string guitars 7B through 1E, and in Bass mode it supports six-string basses low-B and Hi-C. Pure major / minor 3rd pitch indication marks. Includes reference tone, microphone, speaker, folding stand, auto power off, memory backup, and batteries. This chromatic auto-tuner works with all types of instruments. The Auto Power Off function automatically turns the power off after the Korg GA-40 tuner has been left on for twenty minutes, preventing the batteries from running down needlessly. The Korg GA-40 is designed for long battery life, and allows approximately 85 hours of continuous use with continuous A4 input, Meter mode, zinc-carbon batteries. KORG GA40 GUITAR AND BASS CHROMATIC TUNER FEATURES Compact chromatic guitar and bass tuner. Large, high-precision meter-type display for stable tuning indication. Quinta-Flat Tuning mode allows dropped tunings from one to five semitones. Supports tuning of seven-string guitars and six-string basses. Sound Out function lets you produce a reference tone from the internal speaker. Bypass function. Auto Power Off function saves the battery even if you forget to turn off the tuner. Memory Backup function. Approximately 85 hours of continuous use