Korg Kaoss Pad 3+
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Korg Kaoss Pad 3+

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  • Realtime X-Y Touchpad MIDI Controller with 128 Programs, Sampling, and Effects
  • X-Y pad with sampling tools and real-time performance effects
  • 128 great-sounding effect programs
  • Create, play and save both looped and one-shot samples on the fly
  • Instand access to programs via 8 Program Memory buttons
  • Tempo-based effects and synchronization
  • Trigger one-shot samples and loops from 4-sample pads
  • Microphone input lets you create vocal, pitch shift and vocoder effects
  • MIDI In/Out, Tap-Tempo and accurate Beats Per Minute sync keep you performance together
  • Save and load your samples and settings with SD cards
  • USB connection and KP3 Ediotor editor/librarian software for Mac and PC

Korg Kaoss Pad 3+ · DJ Effects

The Korg KP3 KAOSS Pad dynamic effects processor is an intuitive interface allowing real time contol of effects parameters by tapping, touching, or sliding a finger over the touchpad. A new pad lighting system provides visual cues to the current program.

There are an extra 28 effects programs added to the KP3, for a total of 128 effects programs, including the usual suspects reverbs, flangers and delays as well as some unusual presets like decimator, tone-bender and grain shifter. Drum loops, RADIAS-inspired synth sounds and vocoder presets can be controlled via the X/Y pad.

4 front panel Sample Bank buttons control the creeation, playing and saving of looped and one-shot samples at 16-bit/48-kHz via 24-bit converters. Samples can be saved to SD Secure Digital card permitting on-board memory capacitiy of up to 100 16-bit/44.1kHz samples, or can be transfered to/from a computer using the KP3 rear panel USB connection. Included with the Korg Kaoss Pad is a software bundle containing and audio editor and a sample librarian. The software also allows WAV and AIFF files to be loaded into the KP3 Kaoss Pad, with pitch correction for samples not created at 48-kHz.

Audio can be recorded onto the Korg KAOSS Pad KP3 using the RCA stereo line input or via a 1/4" mic input with dedicaated Trim control. The front panel contains a Headphone output with dedicated Volume pot. The Kaoss stereo inputs and outputs can be set to run in-line ov in a loop from a mixer.

The KAOSS KP3 has a single MIDI In/Out for 16 MIDI channels with a MIDI controller, sending out three controller numbers from the touchpad additional messages from the slider. Sample Bank buttons send and receive note messages, Program Change commands and clock info can also be sent and received.

The Korg KP3 Kaoss Pad Dynamic Effects Sampler has been used by DJs, musicians and producers. No other interface is as intuitive, immediate or fun to use. By simply touching, tapping or sliding your finger over the touchpad, the Korg Kaoss KP3 allows you to control multiple effects parameters and manipulate samples in real time.

  • Touch, tap and rub the X-Y pad for real time effect control
  • 128 effects programs with many new algorithms
  • Trigger one-shot samples and loops from the four sample pads
  • Save and load your samples and settings with SD cards
  • Microphone input lets you create vocal, pitch shift and vocoder effects
  • MIDI In/Out, Tap-Tempo and accurate BPM sync keep your performance locked tight
  • Access your favorite programs with the 8 Program Memory buttons
  • FREE bundled software
  • Built-in USB port provides direct connection to computer
  • FX Release feature adds exciting new sound possibilities


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