Korg TM-50 TR silver Tuner/Metronome /Tone Trainer

Korg TM-50 TR silver Tuner/Metronome /Tone Trainer, Tuner

Item number: 10092003
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Tuner • Colour: Silver • Instrument: Wind instrument • Design: Table top unit • Chromatic: Yes • Metronome: yes • Tuner: • Scale: 12 notes, oscillating tuning • Detection range: C1 (32.70 Hz) - (4186.01 Hz) Using a sine wave • Reference tone: C3 (130.81 Hz) - C6 (1046.50 Hz) 3 octaves • Tuning modes: Meter mode (AUTO), Sound out mode (MANUAL), Soundback mode (AUTO) • "Tone Trainer" function • Combined tone frequency: A4 = 410 - 480 Hz (in steps of 1 Hz) • Measurement Accuracy: Better than +/- 1 Cent • Reference Accuracy: Better than +/- 1 Cent • • • Metronome: • Bpm: 30 - 252 beat per minute • Tempo setting: pendulum step, single step and tap tempo • Tactics: A total of 15 (0 ~ 9 strokes, duets, triplets, triplets with overturned interludes, quartiles,
Setting range of "Periodic Metronome" function • 0 ~ 4 measures ("0" means that the function is not active) • Temp. Accuracy: +/- 0.3% • • • Additional information: • Connections: INPUT jack (6.3 mm, mono), PHONES jack (3.5 mm stereo mini-jack) • Speakers: Dynamic speaker (23 mm) • Power supply: AAA batteries x2 (alkaline or nickel metal hydride) • Battery life: ± 24 hours (constant input of an A4, tempo: 120, 4 beat, maximum volume, use of alkaline batteries)
Dimensions (W x D x H): 111 x 82 x 18 mm •

Innovative Korg tuner / metronome for wind and stringed instruments

The tuner / metronome TM-50 TR allows musicians to work simultaneously on their tone and rhythm strength. With the successor model TM-50TR the possibilities increase immensly. Apart from the usual precise pitch detection, the Korg TM-50TR offers a "Tone Trainer" function, which analyzes your playing even more differently: besides the pitch, it recognizes the volume and tone of your sounds as well as their stability. This additional information will help you achieve a feedback on important musical aspects. Of course, the Korg TM-50TR also offers a "sound out" and a "sound back" function, which will help your intonation. The Korg metronome can now be used in "periodic" operation, which benefits your rhythmic feel. The LC display is not only large, but also coloured, so you are always in the picture. Recommended accessories: The Korg CM-200 proves to be useful when it is so loud and that the internal microphone is not a big help.