Lava Cable Mini ELC - 1 Meter
Audio Wiring Lava Cable Mini ELC - 1 MeterAudio Wiring Lava Cable Mini ELC - 1 Meter (2)

Lava Cable Mini ELC - 1 Meter

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Lava Cable Mini ELC - 1 Meter · Audio Wiring

Lava Cable produces a unique solderless plug designed with tight tolerances to fit the Lava Mini ELC cable. The Lava Plug is the first solderless DIY plug that does not use a set screw to make the ground contact. Instead, it uses a sleeve that makes a 360-degree connection to the plug's outer jacket ground contact. Solder-free cabling improves signal transfer and preserves your guitar's tone by eliminating two-metal transitions in the signal path.

Featuring the small solder-free Lava Plug and the low capacitance Lava Mini ELC patch cable, the Lava Solder-Free Pedal Board Kit is a unique do-it-yourself cable system that provides pure tone and pedal spacing closer than ever before.


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