LefreQue Knotted band Black 45 mm

LefreQue Knotted band Black 45 mm, Soundbridge

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Soundbridge • Elastic band • with ball • Size: 45,0 mm • Instrument: Sopran saxophone, Trumpet, Hunting horn • Colour: Black • The lefreque fastening band, 45 mm long, is particularly suitable for instruments, such as Trumpet, soprano saxophone and French horn. It is required to attach the lefreque sound bridges / resonance plate on your instrument. The elastic band is fixed over the ball, thus keeping the sound bridge in place. The fastening is suitable for sound bridges from 33 mm to 41 mm for the trumpet. It can also be used for the 33mm sound bridges for French Horn and the 33 mm sound bridges for soprano saxophone. For instructions on the installation of the resonance plate, see the Downloads.