Lehle Julian
Little Helper Lehle JulianLittle Helper Lehle Julian (2)

Lehle Julian

  • Parametric Boost / Preamp
  • Further development of the Sunday Driver SW
  • Controls: On/Off, LZ/HZ, TrueSound/True Bypass, Gain, Freq, Boost, Treble
  • Connections: In, Out, Power In
  • Power: 9V battery, optional power supply (9 to 20V AC or DC)
  • Dimensions: 12,2 x 10 x 4,8 cm
  • Sturdy metal housing

Lehle Julian · Little Helper

The Lehle Julian is a further development of the Lehle Sunday Driver SW and offers extended control possibilities such as parametric mids and highs. These make it a versatile booster, specifically the vintage fraction, to tickle tube amplifiers.
The parametric midboost allows you to adapt the sound to your own ideas or to make sounds familiar to the listener by simulating the sounds of famous classics like Dallas Rangemaster or Hornby Skewes Treble Booster.
Since these boosters have a very low input impedance, they can be reduced from 1MOhm to 10KOhm at the Lehle Julian, in order to reproduce the character of these well known boosters. The Treble control rounds off the overall sound. The nice thing: All settings from "musty" to "snappy" always remain round and never get shrill or unpleasant. The degree of overdriving of the amp used behind it can be adjusted very precisely between the range completely clean and quite distorted by the gain potentiometer with +/- 15 dB. The Lehle Julian always remains clean with its discreetly built JFET input stage!
Its personal dynamics are due to the fact that the input voltage downstream of the power supply socket is rectified, filtered, stabilised and then doubled to 18V. When switched off, the Lehle Julian offers two different operating modes. In TB (= True Bypass) mode, input and output are connected to each other without loss through a gold-plated switch. True bypass operation is particularly useful when there is a small setup with short cable paths or when a classic fuzz pedal is behind the Lehle Julian. However, if you have to deal with long cable paths or elaborate effect boards, a cable driver, which is at the beginning or within an effect chain, is the better solution. If the Lehle Julian is operated in TS mode (= True Sound), it is activated as a buffer without amplifying or distorting the signal; It acts as a sound-neutral cable driver. By choosing the Bypass mode, the Lehle Julian can be optimally integrated into any setup, whether as a battery powered stand-alone unit or in an existing pedalboard


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