Line 6 Spider V 60

Line 6 Spider V 60, Guitar Amp

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Guitar Amp • Technology: Modelling • Power: 60 W • Effects: Effects Processer • Country of Origin: Made in China • More than 200 updated Amp, Cabinet and Effect Models • Fullrange speakers • 128 presets • Up to 8 effects simultaneously • Tuner • Metronome • Internal drum loops • Integrated receiver for Relay G10T transmitter • The Line 6 Spider V60 is the successor of the successful Spider IV 75th Line 6 and the amp has been thoroughly reworked: the V60 is equipped with a fullrange 2 way loudspeaker system - apart from the guitar loudspeaker is also an HF Tweeter available so that The amp is also suitable for acoustic guitar or for music reproduction. The amp, box and effect models have been completely reworked and deliver a wide range of current sounds. The presets also include artist presets - programs created by guitarists, and matching classical setups for the megahits of rock history. Despite the many possibilities, the operation is simple and intuitive. The Spider V 60 is "Wireless Ready" A cool extra is that the Line 6 Relay G10 receiver is integrated. You only have to get the optional G10T transmitter, and then you can go wireless! The line 6 V 60 has a tuner, a metronome and some drumloops included.
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