Line 6 Variax Standard 3-Tone-Sunburst

Line 6 Variax Standard 3-Tone-Sunburst, Electric Guitar

Item number: 10100554
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Electric Guitar • The Line 6 innovation combined with Yamaha's artisan art • Access to numerous electric and acoustic guitars as well as on exotics • A slider can be used to quickly select alternative tunings. • Build your own dream guitar with the "Workbench HD" software • Lightweight Alder body, fast maple neck and specially designed single coil pickups • The Variax Standard looks "classic", fits perfectly in the hand and leaves nothing to be desired. Thanks to the internal Variax HD technology, it is significantly more versatile than other electric guitars. Spice up your playing with the sounds of all immortal E-classics and A-guitars. If you want, you can even choose a different tuning for each song. With the "Variax Workbench HD" software, you can virtually build the super guitar you've dreamed about for so long. Thanks to the craftsmanship of Yamaha, the Variax standard is first of all a noble guitar, which one gladly takes in the hand. The lightweight S-shaped Alder body, the maple neck from a single piece and rosewood fingerboard and the specially developed tremolo bridge make playing a pleasure, which is communicated by the single coils with special windings into a fat and compelling sound. If you then activate the Variax HD technology, you can do things that traditional guitars can only dream of. With a Variax, each guitarist has unique sounds. The Variax HD technology produces the sounds of numerous guitars with a lot of attention to detail and a sensational response. Apart from electric guitars with "vintage" flair, there are also convincing acoustic and even more unusual instruments available. If you want, you can even control one model and the magnetic pickups simultaneously. Also the appropriate tuning for example. "Open G", "DADGAD", "Drop D" - can be selected by rotating a knob very easily. With the "Variax Workbench HD" software you become a guitar builder. This gives you access to all aspects of the Variax sound and can finally build your dream guitar. Combine any body with the desired pickup - your unique project is completed.
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