Loog II Acoustic
Classical Guitar Loog II AcousticClassical Guitar Loog II Acoustic (2)Classical Guitar Loog II Acoustic (3)Classical Guitar Loog II Acoustic (4)Classical Guitar Loog II Acoustic (5)Classical Guitar Loog II Acoustic (6)

Loog II Acoustic

  • Size: 1/4
  • Construction / Acoustic: Laminated
  • Cutaway: Yes
  • Top: Linde
  • Back / Sides: Basswood
  • Colour / Finish: Natural
  • Finish: Matt
  • Neck: Maple
  • Fretboard: Rosewood
  • Bridge: Rosewood
  • Special Features: Assembly set
  • Scale: 20.4" (520.0 mm)
  • Length: 29.2" (740.5 mm)
  • Width: 8.8" (223.0 mm)
  • Depth: 2.6" (66.0 mm)
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CITES Information

Wood has been used for this product which is subject to the CITES Convention on Species Protection. Further information

Loog II Acoustic · Classical Guitar

What is special about Loog?

Loog guitars have only 3 instead of 6 strings (not too challenging for children).

They are supplied in a kit, so that by building it themselves, children have a more natural bond to their very own first guitar.

Loog guitars are tuned in GBE as are the three treble strings of a normal strung
So everything that has been learned on the Loog will not be that different to a six string Guitar.

With the enclosed detailed, illustrated description, the own Loog
is ready to go in about 15 minutes.

With the help of the Loog app, chords can be quickly learned on the Loog guitar.
And the cool design makes the whole thing real fun.
The first song can be played on the first day.

We bet this little gem also spends one or another night in Mum or Dad's hands!

Classical Guitar · Loog II Acoustic

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