Magnum MCGS-1

Magnum MCGS-1, Conga

Item number: 100045691
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Conga • Type: Set • Diameter: 11" (27,94 cm) • Diameter Conga 2: 11,75" (29,85 cm) • Skin type: Buffalo • Shell hardware: Black • Colour / Finish: Natural • Finish: High Gloss • Conga height: 28" (71,12 cm) • Body Material: Wood • Accessories: 2 Height adjustable stands; Tunning key • Here again is our house brand Magnum with a great starter set for the ambitious conga player: Magnum MCGS-1. The 11" and 11-3/4" large congas with a clear and warm sound. The mechanical processing is at a high level, while the price is in the lowest league. This set is the perfect beginner instrument, yet provides many features that are usually only found on models that are in the more than twice as expensive price range.