Magnum MMBD-2012

Magnum MMBD-2012, Marching Bassdrum

Item number: 100045694
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Marching Bassdrum • Diameter: 20" (50,80 cm) • Shell Depth: 12" (30,48 cm) • Shell base colour: White • Shell Material: Wood • Head skin: Single ply, white, magnum logo • Shell hardware: Chrome • Weight: ca. 10,0 kg • Accessories: incl. carrier, adapter, 1 beater, tuning wrench • Magmun is now marching another round just in order to present the "Walk-Low-Budget-Package" for youth groups and hobby-drummers. It´s not only cheap, but also useful- and a real eye-catcher! The big drum and the included carrier are matching. The well manufactured shell made out of multiple woods are the basis of the wonderful full sound. With a size of 20" x 12" this large drum is healthy and back-friendly and easy for younger players to handle.