Magnum MMTT-4 Set

Magnum MMTT-4 Set, Timp Toms

Item number: 100045693
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Timp Toms • Sizes: 8"/ 10" / 12"/ 13" • Incl. Carrier, white • Carrier adjustable • Skins: white / smooth • Weight including carrier approx. 7,5 kg • Timp-Toms, Powertoms or Tenor: Meanwhile, an integral part in many musical show corps. Since "Safri Duo" and their great success with the song "Played A-live" (The Bongo Song), the Timp Toms have gained more and more poularity. Crisp and domintant: this is how the differently sized toms sound. Magnum offers a complete (! ) TimpTom set with carrier for a small budget.