Magnum PSB-17 Percussionbag

Magnum PSB-17 Percussionbag, Percussion Set

Item number: 4404106
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Percussion Set • Set includes:
1 x guiro with scraper
1 x pair maracas
1 x wooden agogo
1 x wooden block drum small
1 x wooden block drum large
1 x tone block
1 x pair castanets
1 x woodblock
1 x headless tambourine 8"
1 x tambourine with head
1 x metal-shaker
1 x Triangle, 12cm, incl. beater
1 x Triangle, 14cm, incl. beater
1 x Triangle, 16cm, incl. beater
1 x Triangle, 17.5cm, incl. beater
1 x claves Ø 26mm, L 17,5cm
1 x jingle-stick with 13 bells Percussion Set from Magnum with 17 percussion instruments and 5 mallets, all packed conveniently in a super practical bag that can be hung on the wall. It´s a great starter-set for kids who want to learn Orff and/or percussion!