Meinl Generation X The Rabb Pack (12H/16C/18R)

Meinl Generation X The Rabb Pack (12H/16C/18R)

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  • Article ID: The Rabb Pack Cymbal Set
  • Hi-Hat: 12" (30,48 cm)
  • Crash: 16" (40,64 cm)
  • RIde: 18" (45,72 cm)
  • Finish: Brilliant
  • Alloy: FX9
  • Production: Machine hammered
  • Accessories: Drumball effect cymbal

Meinl Generation X The Rabb Pack (12H/16C/18R) · Cymbal Set

4 piece Cymbalset Meinl Generation-X GX Johnny Rabb

The Rabb Pack Cymbal Set

12" Safari hihat
16" Safari crash
18" Safari ride
8" Drumbal

Safari hihat
12" GX-12SH Especially designed to meet the requirements of today´s Drum´n Bass and Jungle scene. It provides a multitude of new sounds. The bottom hihat contains jingles which enhance the spectrum.

Safari crash
16" GX-16SC The quick decay achieved by the two cymbal combination is perfect for adding white noise for simulating loops or effects for whatever style you are playing.

Safari ride
18" GX-18SR Breakbeat ride with a trashy, white noise sound. Extremely short sustain due to the combination of two cymbals in one instrument.

8" GX-8DB Placed on any drum, they are perfect for imitating white noise, hand claps, and other electronic effects. Drumbals transform your acoustic drumset into an acoustic drum machine.

MEINL´s innovative and award-winning Generation X series cymbals pave the way to a completely new world of revolutionary cymbals. Sound, which are consciously different and aimed towards advanced, experimental and unconventional drummers who are motivated to explore new sound territories. MEINL´s Generation X series cymbals offer contemporary and modern sounds which were designed in cooperation with some of today´s most remarkable drummers.

Meinl Generation X
Meinl's Generation X series, which in 2003 was awarded the coveted MIPA award paved the way for a new generation of cymbal with revolutionary cymbals. They provide experimental and advanced drummers modern sound alternatives that were developed in collaboration with some of the most prominent musicians of our time.


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