Meyer BA-2 M5M

Meyer BA-2 M5M, Mouthpiece (woodwind)

Item number: 100001764
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Mouthpiece (woodwind) • Instrument: Alto Saxophone • Material: Rubber • Tip opening: Small • Tip opening in mm: 1,8 • Facing length: Medium • Chamber: Middle • Accessories: Ligature and capsule • Material capsule: Plastic • Material ligature: brass, gold lacquer • The Meyer rubber mouthpiece is one of the most popular mouthpieces for the saxophonist. The allrounder has a balanced, present sound. It is very much used in the jazz field. The mouthpieces are offered with a middle sized chamber and the average path length. Outstanding playing comfort and an even sound make Meyer mouthpieces highly sought after. For many decades, the well-crafted Meyer mouthpieces are among the most prestigious saxophone mouthpieces. They are suitable for every playing level and are generally characterized by a full, round sound and comfortable playability. The quick response of Meyer mouthpieces make them the first choice for players at every level.