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Ibanez GRG121DX-WNF « Electric GuitarIbanez GRG121DX-WNF, Electric Guitar£ 169,- Schecter Keith Merrow KM-6 MKII NP « Electric GuitarSchecter Keith Merrow KM-6 MKII NP, Electric Guitar£ 1.469,- Ibanez Gio GRG170DX-BKN « Electric GuitarIbanez Gio GRG170DX-BKN, Electric Guitar£ 216,- Ibanez Prestige RG652AHM-AWD « Electric GuitarIbanez Prestige RG652AHM-AWD, Electric Guitar£ 1.324,- Ibanez Signature JEMJR-WH Steve Vai « Electric GuitarIbanez Signature JEMJR-WH Steve Vai, Electric Guitar£ 377,- ESP LTD MH-417 BKS « Electric GuitarESP LTD MH-417 BKS, Electric Guitar£ 789,- Ibanez Prestige RG752MPBF-GFB « Electric GuitarIbanez Prestige RG752MPBF-GFB, Electric Guitar£ 1.461,- Ibanez RG421-WH « Electric GuitarIbanez RG421-WH, Electric Guitar£ 249,- Schecter Stealth C-1 SBK « LefthandSchecter Stealth C-1 SBK, Lefthand£ 382,- Ibanez Prestige RG852-GK « Electric GuitarIbanez Prestige RG852-GK, Electric Guitar£ 1.203,- Ibanez RG421EX-BKF « Electric GuitarIbanez RG421EX-BKF, Electric Guitar£ 297,- Jackson Dinky JS22-7 SBK « Electric GuitarJackson Dinky JS22-7 SBK, Electric Guitar£ 198,- GJ2 Shredder FR #49578 « Electric GuitarGJ2 Shredder FR #49578, Electric Guitar£ 2.149,- Jackson Pro Series Misha Mansoor Juggernaut HT7F CHB « Electric GuitarJackson Pro Series Misha Mansoor Juggernaut HT7F CHB, Electric Guitar£ 690,- Ibanez GRG121DX-BKF « Electric GuitarIbanez GRG121DX-BKF, Electric Guitar£ 169,- Ibanez Gio GRG140-WH « Electric GuitarIbanez Gio GRG140-WH, Electric Guitar£ 169,- Ibanez Iron Label RGAIX7FM-TGF « Electric GuitarIbanez Iron Label RGAIX7FM-TGF, Electric Guitar£ 649,- Caparison Horus M3 MF TSBK « Electric GuitarCaparison Horus M3 MF TSBK, Electric Guitar£ 1.969,- Ibanez JBM27 Jake Bowen « Electric GuitarIbanez JBM27 Jake Bowen, Electric Guitar£ 869,- ESP E-II Horizon NT7B BLKS « Electric GuitarESP E-II Horizon NT7B BLKS, Electric Guitar£ 1.719,- Jackson Pro Series Misha Mansoor Juggernaut HT7FM OCB « Electric GuitarJackson Pro Series Misha Mansoor Juggernaut HT7FM OCB, Electric Guitar£ 675,- Charvel Warren DeMartini Signature Blood And Skull « Electric GuitarCharvel Warren DeMartini Signature Blood And Skull, Electric Guitar£ 939,- ESP LTD Signature George Lynch Burnt Tiger « Electric GuitarESP LTD Signature George Lynch Burnt Tiger, Electric Guitar£ 1.459,- Ibanez Iron Label RGDIX6MRW-CBF « Electric GuitarIbanez Iron Label RGDIX6MRW-CBF, Electric Guitar£ 542,- Ibanez Prestige RG652AHMFX-NGB « Electric GuitarIbanez Prestige RG652AHMFX-NGB, Electric Guitar£ 1.092,- Schecter Jeff Loomis JL-7 LH BLK « LefthandSchecter Jeff Loomis JL-7 LH BLK, Lefthand£ 1.349,- Ibanez miKro GRGM21-BKN « Electric GuitarIbanez miKro GRGM21-BKN, Electric Guitar£ 164,- Ibanez RG752LWFX-AGB Prestige « Electric GuitarIbanez RG752LWFX-AGB Prestige, Electric Guitar£ 1.298,- Ibanez RGA42FM-DEF « Electric GuitarIbanez RGA42FM-DEF, Electric Guitar£ 319,- Ibanez Signature UV70P-BK Steve Vai « Electric GuitarIbanez Signature UV70P-BK Steve Vai, Electric Guitar£ 1.179,- Jackson Soloist SLATHXM3-7 SNWH « Electric GuitarJackson Soloist SLATHXM3-7 SNWH, Electric Guitar£ 688,- Jackson USA Signature Misha Mansoor Juggernaut Bulb HT7 LAB « Electric GuitarJackson USA Signature Misha Mansoor Juggernaut Bulb HT7 LAB, Electric Guitar£ 3.239,- Jackson Dinky JS32 DKA-M SNWH « Electric GuitarJackson Dinky JS32 DKA-M SNWH, Electric Guitar£ 250,- Jackson Dinky JS32-8Q TBK « Electric GuitarJackson Dinky JS32-8Q TBK, Electric Guitar£ 360,- Washburn Nuno Bettencourt N24 PS « Electric GuitarWashburn Nuno Bettencourt N24 PS, Electric Guitar£ 842,- Charvel Warren DeMartini Signature Snake Pro Mod « Electric GuitarCharvel Warren DeMartini Signature Snake Pro Mod, Electric Guitar£ 891,- ESP LTD Deluxe MH-1000 STBK EMG « Electric GuitarESP LTD Deluxe MH-1000 STBK EMG, Electric Guitar£ 808,- Ibanez Gio GSA60-BS « Electric GuitarIbanez Gio GSA60-BS, Electric Guitar£ 172,- Ibanez Iron Label RGDIX7MPB-SBB « Electric GuitarIbanez Iron Label RGDIX7MPB-SBB, Electric Guitar£ 728,- Ibanez RG8-BK « Electric GuitarIbanez RG8-BK, Electric Guitar£ 403,- Jackson Soloist SL3X NPI « Electric GuitarJackson Soloist SL3X NPI, Electric Guitar£ 575,- ESP LTD MH-401FR QM DBSB « Electric GuitarESP LTD MH-401FR QM DBSB, Electric Guitar£ 709,- Ibanez Gio GRG170DXL-BKN « LefthandIbanez Gio GRG170DXL-BKN, Lefthand£ 216,- Ibanez RGAIX6U-ABS Iron Label « Electric GuitarIbanez RGAIX6U-ABS Iron Label, Electric Guitar£ 899,- Jackson Dinky JS32 DKA SBK « Electric GuitarJackson Dinky JS32 DKA SBK, Electric Guitar£ 238,- Jackson Pro Series Misha Mansoor Juggernaut HT6 SGMG « Electric GuitarJackson Pro Series Misha Mansoor Juggernaut HT6 SGMG, Electric Guitar£ 544,- ESP LTD H-401 QM FSB « Electric GuitarESP LTD H-401 QM FSB, Electric Guitar£ 668,- Ibanez RG350DXZ-WH « Electric GuitarIbanez RG350DXZ-WH, Electric Guitar£ 353,- Ibanez S521-BBS « Electric GuitarIbanez S521-BBS, Electric Guitar£ 295,- Ibanez S621QM-DEB « Electric GuitarIbanez S621QM-DEB, Electric Guitar£ 400,- Jackson Dinky JS11 MBL « Electric GuitarJackson Dinky JS11 MBL, Electric Guitar£ 121,- Jackson Dinky JS32-7Q TOB « Electric GuitarJackson Dinky JS32-7Q TOB, Electric Guitar£ 345,- Jackson Dinky JS32TQ TBL « Electric GuitarJackson Dinky JS32TQ TBL, Electric Guitar£ 240,- Jackson Soloist SLATHX3-8 TBK « Electric GuitarJackson Soloist SLATHX3-8 TBK, Electric Guitar£ 824,- Schecter C-8 Deluxe « Electric GuitarSchecter C-8 Deluxe, Electric Guitar£ 412,- Schecter Omen 6 WSN « Electric GuitarSchecter Omen 6 WSN, Electric Guitar£ 386,- Jackson Dinky JS22 DKA SNWH « Electric GuitarJackson Dinky JS22 DKA SNWH, Electric Guitar£ 206,- Schecter Keith Merrow KM-7 NP « Electric GuitarSchecter Keith Merrow KM-7 NP, Electric Guitar£ 1.306,- Schecter Omen Extreme 7 BCH « Electric GuitarSchecter Omen Extreme 7 BCH, Electric Guitar£ 394,- Yamaha Pacifica 112L BL « LefthandYamaha Pacifica 112L BL, Lefthand£ 204,-