Mogami 2319
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Mogami 2319

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Mogami 2319 · Audio Wiring

A legendary cable that is especially used for the cabling of racks and pedalboards. The small cross-section of only 5mm, the excellent shielding, high flexibility and the transparent sound make the Mogami 2319 cable the perfect choice for elaborate rack and pedalboard wiring.

Pick-ups, which are built into electric guitars, have a high impedance and only a small current flows. This makes the transmission susceptible to external interference. This is why the MOGAMI 2319 high-definition cable has been specially developed for guitars with pick-ups. Due to the internal conductor structure of 50 individual wires, the cable remains extremely flexible. The oxygen-free copper (OFC) used ensures the highest signal consistency. A second shield made of conductive plastic effectively prevents mechanical noise. This allows you to move freely as a guitar player without worrying that a kick on the cable will interfere with your playing and falsify your sound.


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