Mogees Vibration Sensor
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Mogees Vibration Sensor

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  • Vibrationssensor
  • Number of Trigger Zones: Multizone
  • Mounting: Stick on everything
  • Connection: 3,5 mm TRRS-plug
  • Special Features: Mogees just turns everything into a musical instrument and opens up a whole universe of completely new and creative ways.
  • Accessories: Adapter from 3,5 mm TRRS to 6,35 mm TS-Jack, Transport case, 2 x washable sticky pad, brief instructions, Code for software download and Registration for iOS 8+ and Mac OS X 10.7+

Mogees Vibration Sensor · Trigger

The Mogees is devised solely for use with iOS / Mac devices

Mogees just turns everything into a musical instrument and opens up a whole universe of completely new and creative ways.
The Mogees sensor can detect vibrations in any material such as wood, metal, plastic and glass.

The Mogees-vibration sensor is the first contact microphone which was specially developed for use with iOS devices, However, the use of conventional audio cables with 6.35 mm jack plugs for connection to audio interfaces and other typical audio devices is possible via the supplied adapter. The removable adhesive pads are washable and preserve their adhesive properties over a longer period. The specially designed base and the sonic transparency of these pads make the Mogees sensor one of the best contact microphones on the market.


Four Mogees sound engines are already available - and more to come soon!

Muon: a Re-Synthesizer for physical modeling is one of which stimulates a body (e.g. a pick.) and the other as an excited resonator (eg a string.) Each acoustic sound is created in the real world by the meeting of two bodies. With Muon the sound can now be of different resonators from different materials that replicate each sound received via the Mogees sensor.
Interpol808: an emulator of classic drum machine
Blue Steel: a complex steel strings resonator based on the Karplus-Strong algorithm
Foxtrot: an electronic retro Drum Synth for percussion sounds

To Train Your gestures
Using the Mogees technology for gesture recognition allows you to calibrate the software on how to play individual notes or sounds to an object.

Mogees is the innovative leader in using “machine learning” for making music. Through training the app learns to recognize gestures and distinguishing between different movement patterns, so you can develop your own style of play. Gestures such as scratching, tapping, pushing and hitting can have individual sounds or notes are assigned.

Comprehensive MIDI control
MIDI input
Thanks to the MIDI input you can import existing tracks subsequently live. The notes will be synchronized to your MIDI tracks, so you can focus on the sound and the timing of your performance.

MIDI output

The VST plug-in

The plug-in includes all the features of the iOS app from Mogees including four independent sound engines and the intelligent real-time method for recognizing gestures, but it expands your use Radius to the studio and the stage. The plug-in provides a complete MIDI integration with all popular DAWs like Ableton Live, Logic, GarageBand and many others. As a result, you can connect multiple Mogees sensors on your audio interface and open multiple plug-in instances.

vibration sensor – Specifications:
Diameter: 40 mm
Height: 20 mm
Weight: 30.6g
High-quality, textile jacketed cable with 3.5mm TRRS plug, 60 cm length Adapter from 3.5 mm female TRRS to 6.35 mm jack male


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