Mollenhauer Traumflöte 4527K

Mollenhauer Traumflöte 4527K

  • Finger style: Baroque
  • Material: Pear
  • Finish: Natural
  • Technology: Double hole / Double flap
  • Features: Wide bore-wide sound. Full, powerful sound. Rings in redish brown.
  • Head: Wood bent head
  • Tuning: F a' = 442 Hz
  • Accessories: Case, carry strap, thumb saver, grease can.
  • Country of Origin: Made in Germany

Mollenhauer Traumflöte 4527K · Bass Recorder

The Dutch Recorder makers Adriana Breukink is internationally recognized by its exclusive, handcrafted recorders, which they build as copies of historical instruments. With the development of the "Dream Recorder" they have managed something very special: An impressive flute series for all those who love the full and broad sound of renaissance recorders. The properties of these flute are convincing, noble and expressive, it is ideally suited as a solo instrument for styles ranging from early music to jazz, also it has all the features required by a flute ensemble.
  • Width inner bore - for wide ensemble sound (Renaissance type, based on van Eyck recorders
  • Easy response - over 2 octaves, curved wind tunnel
  • Grippy tone holes - especially good to the feel, therefore good grip
  • Natural Position - relaxed playing with the curve in the header, which brings the instrument closer to the body, and thus relieves especially the right hand.

The Renaissance is the heyday of the great recorder ensembles. Renaissance recorders were constructed in such way that their sound particularly well mixed in the ensemble into a homogenous sound. Adri's Dream Recorder is based precisely on this design features. The wide inner bore creates a strong yet soft tone - the ideal concept for recorders, which are to be played in a large ensemble or used in ensembles and in group lessons. For children a dream Adri`s recorder is especially good to the touch thus they gain a good fingering. The flute has two octaves at normal baroque fingering. The instruments in this series are fanciful and distinctive, the shape is reminiscent of medieval flutes, moreover, the instruments have lathed Rings. The surfaces are oiled with the finest vegetable oils.

Adriana Breukink: "With this flute, I fulfilled a dream myself: A Beginner Recorder as a very special, as a valuable tool - the beautiful colours and the gold ornaments should make the value for the children also optically clear.
They accompany their players over many years and through the entire recorder repertoire. It is also a flute for advanced players. One can quite seriously play the entire Renaissance and early Baroque literature on it readily, even Bach or completely different directions such as folk music. "


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