Mono M80-BTY-ASH-S

Mono M80-BTY-ASH-S, Guitar Strap

Item number: 10096580
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Guitar Strap • Belt material: 100% VEGAN (synthetic) • Colour / Finish: Grey • Belt width: ca. 80 mm • Max. Length: 123 cm • Neoprene padding • pocket for plectrum • Hypalon Ends • buckle adjustment • Back problems? Is the Paula too heavy? The Mono Betty belt M80-BTY-ASH-S provides a remedy. The belt is covered with soft neoprene padding over the entire area - the weight of the instrument is spread over a larger area. The surface is made of a tearproof, water-resistant synthetic fiber material. The end pieces are made from Hypalon, a resistant material which is used for the outer shells for Navy inflatable boats for example.