Moog Sub 37

Moog Sub 37, Synthesizer

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Synthesizer • Synthesizer • Keys: 37 keys • Aftertouch: yes • Polyphony: 2x Paraphon • USB / MIDI: MIDI In/Out, USB to Host • Pedal/Controller Connection: CV/Gate input: Filter-Cutoff, Osc-pitch, VCA-volume, KB-Gate • Other Connections: 1 x Phones, Line out, • Size (WxHxD): 679 x 375 x 172 mm • Weight: 10,0 kg • The SUB 37 is a compact, easily transportable and extremely powerful synthesizer without compromise. Its, according to old tradition Moog-natural 100% genuine analog circuitry leaves no wish unfulfilled. Classic synthesizer sounds in every sound colour are just as important to the repertoire of the SUB 37 as the most unusual effect sounds. Optimal intuitive access to all features guarantee the lavish, yet clearly designed control panel. The "button per function 'philosophy is here even effectively supported by a graphics-capable LCD display. The SUB 37 will integrate seamlessly into your DAW, use the included editor plug-in. Live performers will appreciate the high-quality keyboard with velocity and aftertouch and catchy playing aids and of course, the direct access to 256 outstanding presets. The Moog specifically usual high standards of workmanship divides naturally also the SUB 37. Keyboard, Controls and housing construction as well as all materials used meet the highest standards and make the SUB 37 into an all-round professional tool for stage and studio. Completely new is a modern analog synthesizer, the Duo-Paraphonic mode: Here, two oscillators independently play with different pitches. Quasi-two-part playing is possible. Of course, the SUB 37 also has the famous Moog filter and sound-rich Multidrive Section - the perfect basis for the fattest monster sounds. In the Mixer Section is an external input and a feedback path. It leads to Filter Out back to the mixer and ensures extra boost in sound. Two modulation buses provide complex sounds and dynamics in the sound. . Two ultra-fast and perfectly scaled DAHDSR envelopes guarantee crisp sounds. Also on board , a richly featured arpeggiator and step sequencer - of course both are MIDI synchronized. ● Sound Source: 100% genuine analog ● Polyphony: monophonic or double paraphon ● Keyboard: 37 keys / 3-octave semi-weighted velocity and aftertouch ● LCD: 128 x 64 pixels with white backlight ● Playing aids: pitch bend, Modulation wheel,Breath controller port ● sound sources: two VCOs variable waveform, rectangular sub-oscillator, analog Noise generator, filter input / filter feedback ● Audio range of oscillators: 22Hz to 8,2kHz; ● Glide function: Osc. 1 / Osc. 2 / both. Five different modes. ● Filter: Moog cascade filter with resonance, slope 6/12/18/24 dB / oct. and Multi Drive. ● Transpose: +/- 1 octave. ● Arpeggiator / Sequencer: Modes - Up, Down, Order, Random, Latching, Back / Forth, Invert; +/- 2 Range, held note, pause, MIDI Sync. ● Modulation buses (two parallel): - Sources: LFO, filter envelope. Programmable sources - volume envelope / Osc 1 / Osc 2 frequency. - Objectives: frequency Osc 1 / Osc 2 / both waveform Osc 1 / Osc 2 / both, filter cutoff, VCA, LFO speed LFO 1 2, noise generator level, envelope-Time. Programmable goals - filter resonance, drive, slew rate, envelope modulation depth, level Osc 1 / Osc 2 / SubOsc, level feedback / level Ext input. ● LFO functions (on the control panel reachable): Hi / Low range of 0.01 to 1 kHz, MIDI sync, KB reset. ● Envelopes: DAHDSR envelope with multi-trigger, reset, loop function, MIDI Sync, Latch and adjustable EC Delay, Hold, Velocity Amount, KB tracking. ● Inputs / Outputs: - Audio Input: 1 x mono jack - Audio Output: 1 x mono jack, 1 x stereo jack for headphones with separate volume control. ● Presets: 256 (16 banks of 16 presets) ● MIDI: MIDI via USB, DIN in / out ● CV / Gate inputs: filter cutoff, Osc pitch, VCA volume, KB gate ● Power supply: internal universal power supply for 110VAC to 240VAC with the unit