Morgan SW50

Morgan SW50, Guitar Amp Head

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Guitar Amp Head • Technology: Valve • Power: 50 W • Channels: 1 • Power Amp Valves: 2x 6L6 • Impedance: 8/16 ohms • Dimensions: 43,2 x 24,76 x 19,05 • Weight: 15,9 kg • Country of Origin: Handwired in USA • "I just spent 35,000.00 dollars on an amplifier! " This sentence originally created the Morgan SW50. A good customer came to the Morgan workshop with a really expensive vintage amplifier and asked if a modernised variation would be possible. The forty years old original would have needed a few updates to get better with modern guitars and pedals. The result was the Morgan SW50. Originally designed to be the loudest and cleanest amplifier with two 6L6 tubes, it is nevertheless capable of producing a warm and natural overdrive. The SW50 is a stage and studio monster. It is regularly on the road with James Taylor or Tim McGraw and if you like to listen to modern country music, you have certainly heard the SW50. The SW50 has a special level controller whose job it is to control the gain in the power amplifier. From the 3:00 position of the level controller, for example, you will notice that the power amp is saturating. This allows the level controller to be used even at low volumes without losing any sound. Bass and treble controls interact with each other and offer a lot of sound variations. The Bass Emphasis switch changes the center of the center frequency of the midrange and provides even more bass. The Bright switch is designed to give a very dark sounding guitar enough treble without sounding shrill. The SW22 was designed to produce the well-known blackface sound from the 1960s, but with even greater clarity and definition. The original amplifier was later sold for 45,000.00 dollars. The customer was more satisfied with the SW50. Handwired in the USA.