MOTU Electric Keys

MOTU Electric Keys

  • Softwaresynth with 50 classic and rare keyboards
  • 40GB Library with:
  • Including: World Champion ™ Claviset, Philips ™ Philicorda, Farfisa® Compact Duo, Hammond ™ B-3, C-3 and M-100,
  • FX Rack

MOTU Electric Keys · Softsynth

Fifty well-preserved and maintained, legendary instruments have been used to create samples, such as Fender, Yamaha, Korg, Roland, Hammond, Wurlitzer, Hohner, Elka, Farfisa, Mellotron, Moog, RMI, Arp and other instruments.

Most instrument samples are available in 24-bit and 96-kHz resolution, but can be played at any standard rate using the flexible UVI engine. For each instrument, presets are available that have been created with the greatest care and craftsmanship, consisting of multi-samples with several levels of sound. "The samples use the so-called" disk streaming "method - that is, directly from the hard disk And therefore do not waste the main memory of your computer. The sounds are organized into 12 banks, each with its own graphical interface ("skin"). Electric Keys is compatible with MachFive2, the software sampler from MOTU, giving you almost unlimited sound design for your Electric Keys samples.

  • Fender Rhodes® Mark I, Mark II, Mark V, Rhodes Bass & Custom
  • Yamaha® CP80, CP30, CP10, GS1, GS2, CE20, SS30, and SK20
  • Wurlitzer® 200A and Butterfly 270
  • Hohner® Clavinet Model C, E7 & D6, Planet M, Electra-Piano, ElectraPiano, Guitaret, Basset, Bass 2 &
  • World Champion ™ Claviset
  • Hammond ™ B-3, C-3 and M-100
  • Korg® CX-3, PE-2000, Polyphonic Ensemble and Lambda
  • Philips ™ Philicorda
  • Elka Organ, Rhapsody
  • Vox ™ Continental (Italian and English)
  • Farfisa® Compact Duo
  • Roland® VP-330
  • Solina ™ String Ensemble
  • Eminent 310
  • Excelsior ™ String Synthesizer
  • Crumar ™ Performer
  • Eko ™ Stradivarius
  • Siel ™ Orchestra
  • Hohner / Logan ™ String Melody and Piano String Synthesizer
  • Mellotron® M400
  • Moog® Taurus
  • RMI ™ Keyboard Computer 2
  • Rp® Solina String Synthesizer

The Electric Keys window provides you with easy control for volume, panorama, sound and tremolo settings, and the ability to play two presets at the same time. When a preset is loaded, the window surface is displayed in the corresponding " Skin ", but the controls always appear unchanged. Once one or two sounds are loaded, they can be played immediately or the parameters adjusted. A 256-fold polyphony allows notes to never be cut off (no "voice stealing" occurs).

All parameters can be automated by right-clicking with the help of the convenient "MIDI Learn" function. You can save and load "Kombis". A "combi" is a snapshot of the complete plug-in, including all settings and effects. Stored "Kombi" can be loaded and used in the plug-in or the standalone instance, even on a cross-platform PC and Mac. In Electric Keys are already dozens of "Kombis" included.

While playing, the three-dimensional piano keys are active - so you can always see which keys are played. You can also click the buttons to hear the sounds.

Separate multi-effect rack

Clicking the FX button opens the FX Rack - a separate window with 8 effects, which can be applied individually or as a combination as a multi-effect to each preset. The effects can be combined in any way, and all parameters can be controlled via the "MIDI Learn" function, Function and external MIDI equipment can be controlled.

Two versions: stand-alone and plug-in

Electric Keys comes with two versions - a standalone version that turns your computer into a music device without any additional software - and a plug-in version that can be used in any popular sequencer on PC and Maciontosh computers. In the case of the latter, all settings of the Electric Keys are stored directly in the project file of your sequencer and are immediately available when you open it.


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