Neotech Pad-It Strap Loop

Neotech Pad-It Strap Loop, Carry Strap

Item number: 10089039
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Carry Strap • Instrument: Alto / Tenor Saxophone • Material: Tearproof nylon • Width: 50,0 mm • Length: 46 - 56 cm • Colour / Finish: Black • strap features: single strap with loop connector • The PAD IT LOOP Sax Strap uses a high-tech memory foam, which adapts to the contours of your neck and your shoulders and guarantees a comfortable fit. The material is antimicrobial and wicks away moisture. These combined features make the PAD IT Sax Strap a comfortable, secure and non-stretchable belt which makes long playing much more comfortable under hot lights. The design appeals to users of all skill levels and offers a truly unique comfort. The peculiarity of the loop version is a loop instead of the snap hook at the end of the belt, which is simply pulled and fixed by the support ring of the saxophone or the clarinet. The clip closure allows the instrument to be simply taken off and put on. In the video the loop connector is shown and the operation is explained!