Noligraph Notenlinienschreiber

Noligraph Notenlinienschreiber, Gifts

Item number: 100034990
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Gifts • Note printer • This is what the NOLIGRAPH-note-line-writer has to offer:
  • 1000m 5-line-system with lead-set: 400DIN A4 pages with 12 note-line-systems or 500 DIN A$ pages with 10 note-line-systems
  • the distance of the note-line-systems can be chosen and taext, verses or comments can be included optionally
  • Academics, students or teachers can include note-lines into texts, manuscripts, exams, exercise books
  • For everyone who has to copy notes
  • The lead-set can be changed
  • It´s the perfect gift for everyone who´s involved in music
The NOLIGRAPH-note-line-writer is equipped with 5 electronic leads by a leading manufacturer. When changing the lead, please only use the original NOLIGRAPH reserves, as they have the right length to draw neatly. Every NOLIGRAPH is set carefully, so a faultless function is guaranteed. For this reason the position of the leads should not be altered. Detailed instructions are included.