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dB Technologies Opera 15 « Active PA-SpeakersdB Technologies Opera 15, Active PA-Speakers£ 375,- dB Technologies Opera 12 « Active PA-SpeakersdB Technologies Opera 12, Active PA-Speakers£ 350,- dB Technologies K162 « Active PA-SpeakersdB Technologies K162, Active PA-Speakers£ 146,- dB Technologies SUB-18-H « Active PA-SpeakersdB Technologies SUB-18-H, Active PA-Speakers£ 1.189,- dB Technologies Flexsys FM12 « Active PA-SpeakersdB Technologies Flexsys FM12, Active PA-Speakers£ 365,- dB Technologies SUB-618 « Active PA-SpeakersdB Technologies SUB-618, Active PA-Speakers£ 650,- dB Technologies B-HYPE 8 « Active PA-SpeakersdB Technologies B-HYPE 8, Active PA-Speakers£ 155,- dB Technologies B-HYPE 10 « Active PA-SpeakersdB Technologies B-HYPE 10, Active PA-Speakers£ 192,- dB Technologies B-HYPE 12 « Active PA-SpeakersdB Technologies B-HYPE 12, Active PA-Speakers£ 217,- dB Technologies B-HYPE 15 « Active PA-SpeakersdB Technologies B-HYPE 15, Active PA-Speakers£ 238,- dB Technologies ES 1203 « Active PA-SpeakersdB Technologies ES 1203, Active PA-Speakers£ 1.626,- dB Technologies FC-OP15 « Accessories for LoudspeakersdB Technologies FC-OP15, Accessories for Loudspeakers£ 57,- dB Technologies Flexsys FM8 « Active PA-SpeakersdB Technologies Flexsys FM8, Active PA-Speakers£ 339,- dB Technologies LVX 10 « Active PA-SpeakersdB Technologies LVX 10, Active PA-Speakers£ 491,- dB Technologies LVX 12 « Active PA-SpeakersdB Technologies LVX 12, Active PA-Speakers£ 637,- dB Technologies LVX 15 « Active PA-SpeakersdB Technologies LVX 15, Active PA-Speakers£ 679,- dB Technologies LVX XM 12 « Active PA-SpeakersdB Technologies LVX XM 12, Active PA-Speakers£ 804,- dB Technologies LVX XM 15 « Active PA-SpeakersdB Technologies LVX XM 15, Active PA-Speakers£ 721,- dB Technologies Opera Sub12-D « Active PA-SpeakersdB Technologies Opera Sub12-D, Active PA-Speakers£ 518,- dB Technologies SUB-15-H « Active PA-SpeakersdB Technologies SUB-15-H, Active PA-Speakers£ 1.028,- dB Technologies SUB-615 « Active PA-SpeakersdB Technologies SUB-615, Active PA-Speakers£ 492,- dB Technologies ES 802 « Active PA-SpeakersdB Technologies ES 802, Active PA-Speakers£ 760,- dB Technologies Opera 10 « Active PA-SpeakersdB Technologies Opera 10, Active PA-Speakers£ 310,- dB Technologies Flexsys FM10 « Active PA-SpeakersdB Technologies Flexsys FM10, Active PA-Speakers£ 315,- dB Technologies ES TC-ES 12 Cover « Accessories for LoudspeakersdB Technologies ES TC-ES 12 Cover, Accessories for Loudspeakers£ 71,- dB Technologies SUB-28D « Active PA-SpeakersdB Technologies SUB-28D, Active PA-Speakers£ 397,- dB Technologies Arena 10 « Passive PA-SpeakersdB Technologies Arena 10, Passive PA-Speakers£ 348,- dB Technologies Arena 12 « Passive PA-SpeakersdB Technologies Arena 12, Passive PA-Speakers£ 464,- dB Technologies Arena 15 « Passive PA-SpeakersdB Technologies Arena 15, Passive PA-Speakers£ 616,- dB Technologies Arena 8 « Passive PA-SpeakersdB Technologies Arena 8, Passive PA-Speakers£ 281,- dB Technologies Arena SW 15 « Passive PA-SpeakersdB Technologies Arena SW 15, Passive PA-Speakers£ 411,- dB Technologies Arena SW 18 « Passive PA-SpeakersdB Technologies Arena SW 18, Passive PA-Speakers£ 536,- dB Technologies BT-Ready 4 « Battery powered PA.dB Technologies BT-Ready 4, Battery powered PA.£ 89,- dB Technologies DVX-DM28 « Active PA-SpeakersdB Technologies DVX-DM28, Active PA-Speakers£ 1.162,- dB Technologies F212 « Active PA-SpeakersdB Technologies F212, Active PA-Speakers£ 1.108,- dB Technologies HPA 1400 « Power AmplifierdB Technologies HPA 1400, Power Amplifier£ 473,- dB Technologies HPA 2800 « Power AmplifierdB Technologies HPA 2800, Power Amplifier£ 634,- dB Technologies HPA 3100L « Power AmplifierdB Technologies HPA 3100L, Power Amplifier£ 876,- dB Technologies HT-READY 4 « Battery powered PA.dB Technologies HT-READY 4, Battery powered PA.£ 106,- dB Technologies ingenia IG4T « Active PA-SpeakersdB Technologies ingenia IG4T, Active PA-Speakers£ 1.375,- dB Technologies L-160D « Active PA-SpeakersdB Technologies L-160D, Active PA-Speakers£ 259,- dB Technologies LVX 8 « Active PA-SpeakersdB Technologies LVX 8, Active PA-Speakers£ 446,- dB Technologies Ready 4 MKII « Battery powered PA.dB Technologies Ready 4 MKII, Battery powered PA.£ 715,- dB Technologies TT-11 « Accessories for LoudspeakersdB Technologies TT-11, Accessories for Loudspeakers£ 42,05 dB Technologies B-Hype Mobile BT « Battery powered PA.dB Technologies B-Hype Mobile BT, Battery powered PA.£ 446,- dB Technologies B-Hype Mobile HT « Battery powered PA.dB Technologies B-Hype Mobile HT, Battery powered PA.£ 446,- dB Technologies Ready 4 MKII « Battery powered PA.dB Technologies Ready 4 MKII, Battery powered PA.£ 670,-

dB Technologies

The brand dB Technologies is manufactured by the Italian company A.E.B. s.r.l.

Over the past years they have become “Global-Players” in the field of electro acoustics and music electronics, have there own production plants in Italy and the Far-east, as well as sales offices in Germany, England, France and the US.

After successful work as an OEM manufacturer for different European brands, the own brand, dB Technologies, was successfully started. In the last few years huge investments in development and manufacturing have resulted in gaining a good reputation and setting new market impulses. The introduction of the OPERA active speakers in 1999 was a huge success and is now the most important market for dB. The combination of developing and manufacturing own speakers as well as first class electronic components guarantees for a perfect matching of these.

A perfect product quality is one of the top goals by dB Technologies and so all products are tested thoroughly. For example; every dB Technologies OPERA system is run through a test program called “ burn in “ were it is run for four hours on 75 % load. The frequency range and the phase alignment of all loudspeaker components are checked before assembly. All wireless products are manually adjusted to fit the frequency and modulation pattern required.