Paiste Signature 16  Mellow Crash

Paiste Signature 16" Mellow Crash, Crash-Cymbal

Item number: 4603063
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Crash-Cymbal • Product code: Mellow Crash • Diameter: 16" (40,64 cm) • Alloy: Signature secret special alloy • Finish: Regular • Thickness: medium • Sound: Balanced mix of dynamic response, a deeper tone and brilliant highs • Production: Hand chased • Crash from Paiste Signature series 16" mellow crash Innovation: First cymbal series created from patented Bronze specifically developed for cymbals Alloy: Patented Signature Bronze Quality: Professional Production: Manual Craftsmanship - Hand Hammering, Hand Lathing, Proprietary Methods Applications: All volume settings - Live and Recording - Entire range of music styles Users: Working Musicians, Enthusiasts - Demanding Players with precise requirements who need fully developed model character in their cymbals Sound: Musical, transparent, beautiful, rich, colorful - full, bright, expressive sound - Model range features everything from particularly delicate, sensitive to expressive, potent and powerful qualities Looks: Variety of surface structures and looks - Hammering and lathing patterns range from complex to delicate - Elegant, classic black silk screening.

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