Palmer PSB 243 Split-System

Palmer PSB 243 Split-System

  • Inputs: 24 XLR / f Neutrik NC3FDL, transformer balanced, mu-metal shielded
  • Nominal Input Impedance 200
  • Maximum input level before Clipping: > 14dBu
  • Monitor Button, individual 48 V Phantom Power switch
  • Outputs per channel: 3, 1x XLR / m (Neutrik NC3MDL) on the front panel, can be wired internally as "Parallel Thru" or buffered Transformer Out. Ground Lift Switch. 2 Outs on the PC board as 3-pin headers, buffered and transformer balanced. (Set of matching connectors with leads is included)
  • Nominal Output Impedance each Out: <200
  • All Outputs are short circuit proof.
  • UnityGain from Input to Output
  • Frequency Response 20-20000 Hz, -0.5 dB @ 600 Load
  • THD @ -6dBu, 600 load, 30-20 kHz: 0.2%
  • Monitoring: Headphone volume continuously adjustable, Output ¼ TRS Jack, Tip & Ring tied together. Will work from 8 - 200.
  • 10 Point LED Strip: Range -40dBu to + 10dBu, for better resolution Sensitivity can be 10/20 / 30 dB.
  • Integrated Power Supply with Toroidal Transformer mu-metal shielded
  • 4 Pin XLR / f Input for Back Up Power Supply.
  • Housing: 19", 7U, 285 mm deep
  • The delivery includes: 3 Multi-pin mounting plates, 2 with Cut Out fitting for Litton-Veam LK 85 or Harting 64 & 108 Pin
  • Additional available: Free front panel space assembled with XLR sockets.
  • Extension to 30 Channels.
  • Note: The added input will not have a phantom power switch nor Monitor button nor ground lift switch.
  • Connectors for Sub Stage Box
  • Appliance fully assembled with multi-pins
  • Back up Power Supply

Palmer PSB 243 Split-System · Splitter

Palmer PSB 243, stage box which at the same time provides additional signals for room mixer (FOH) and monitor console, without the need for additional cabling. A third tap e. g. For live recording is additionally available. Thanks to the combination of Stagebox and Splitbox, an absolutely high-quality, round-aisle system could be created cost-effectively, but the price remains far below the systems of comparable quality.

19" carrier made of 4 mm steel sheet, all XLR sockets (Neutrik DL series) are screwed to the housing and connected to the board via cable.
All inputs and outputs standard galvanically separated by transformer, integrated monitoring via headphones and LED display.

In detail:
The PSB243 is a stage box with 24 microphone inputs. Each input is galvanically isolated as a triple split output signal. Active electronics ensure that there is no fear of sound or level loss. Each channel can be routed through a monitor button to the headphone amplifier and the 10-way LED meter. This allows a perfect monitoring of the input signal. For better resolution the signal for the meter display can be raised in steps 10 dB, 20 dB, and 30 dB. The LED chain itself covers the display range from -40dBu to + 10dBu. The volume of the headphone is continuously adjustable. Individually for each channel is a generously dimensioned noise and hum free phantom power can be switched.

In a 7-foot-tall housing, 24 XLR / f sockets are accommodated on the front panel. There are also 24 XLR / m jacks. These jacks can be configured internally via a plug-in connection either as a passive parallel jack or as a transformer-separated active split output. In the latter variant, an individual ground-lift switch is available for separating the earth potential.

These outputs can be used as "guest exits", as well as stancing out a further 12 XLR universal sockets on the front panel, which can be individually usedto accommodate, for example, returns, intercoms or other input channels.
On the back are three generously dimensioned cutouts, for which we first offer connection plates with the stancing out of the following multipin connectors: Harting type 108 pole and Litton-Veam / LK round plug with 85 poles. The shell size LK40 (100-159 poles) also fits on the 220 mm x 100 mm connecting plate. Since in the normal case only two multipin connectors are required for FOH and monitor mixers, the third panel can be equipped with sub-distributors (CaCom) or XLR sockets. On the rear side, there is a Powercon connector for the built-in power supply unit with fuse and power switch, as well as a ground-lift switch for separating electronics and housing ground, a ground connection (pole terminal) and an input for external emergency power supply (4pin XLR / m ) available. For the multipins, one switch is available for switching the entire end. For the internal wiring of the multipins, there is a 3-pole plug-in connection (ground, + phase, phase) for each output. The counterparts of this plug-in connection including the connected strands (black, red, blue, approx. 30 cm long) are included in the scope of supply. On request, the complete assembly can also be carried out by us.

More and more frequently the demand is placed on the professional distributor of sound systems to provide the original stage signal several times, e. g. For live recordings. Since the most diverse circuits are linked to each other, there is a high risk of earth loops. With a simple hardware-
Split (Y-cable, parallel jack) is therefore rarely the goal. On the other hand, the cost pressure hardly allows the use of a highly professional modular splitting system. By combining the components of the Stagebox and the splitter into a frequently required unit, the PSB 243 can meet the requirements without compromising sound quality, durability and professionalism.


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