pBone Jiggs (Green)

pBone Jiggs (Green), Tenor Trombone

Item number: 10059900
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Tenor Trombone • Tenor Trombone • Tuning: Bb • Bore: M 12,7 mm (0,5") • Bell size: 203 mm (8") • Material: ABS thermoplastic • Bell material: ABS thermoplastic • Material Tuning Slide: ABS thermoplastic • Finish: ABS thermoplastic • Size of mouthpiece: 11 C • Mouthpiece shaft: Narrow • Valves: No valve • Slides: Fibre Glass • Colour / Finish: Green • Weight: 800 g • Accessories: Bag and plastic mouthpiece • The new Jiggs Whigham pBone combines fun, excitement and enthusiasm. The very lightweight instrument with its plastic construction sounds and plays remarkably typical of a real brass trombone. Be enchanted by the lightness of the pBone Tip: If you use a trombone mouthpiece, made of metal, the P-Bone sounds even more brass like !! We recommend a small cup, the A & S 12C (order Nr 100 001 200) and for a large cup the A & S 6 1/2 (Order Nr 100 001 197).