Pearl Flutes Dolce 695E-958S
Transverse Flute Pearl Flutes Dolce 695E-958STransverse Flute Pearl Flutes Dolce 695E-958S (2)

Pearl Flutes Dolce 695E-958S

  • Tuning: C
  • Finish: Silver plated
  • Headpiece material: Britannia Silver (958)
  • Head: Straight headjoint
  • Lip plate material: Britannia Silver (958)
  • Lip plate: Forza
  • Body material: Nickel silver
  • Keywork material: Nickel silver
  • Mechanics: french style keys
  • Keys: Closed keys
  • E-Mechanism: yes
  • Offset G: yes
  • Foot piece: C Foot
  • "Pinless"-Mechanism and "One-Piece-Core-Bar" construction
  • Drawn tone holes
  • Accessories: Case with cover and shoulder strap, wiper, cleaning agent

Pearl Flutes Dolce 695E-958S · Transverse Flute

The Pearl Dolce 695E-958S is painstakingly hand crafted thus fulfilling the ambitious musicians requests that can be demanded from a high-quality flute.

To mark the 70th anniversary of the Pearl company the limited edition Dolce 695E-958S was released, based on the basic model of the successful Pearl Dolce 695 The special feature of the limited special model is in the head piece, which is made of 958er Britannia silver. With its higher silver content and the higher material density, the 695E-958S offers a wider spectrum of overtones, which promotes the possibilities of musical expression. The sound is warm and transparent and also has a significantly strong projection.

In addition to the higher silver content of the head piece, this also appears to be in a new design. The newly designed head piece of the 695E-958S provides the player a mixture of the sweet and warm Largo headpieces with the strength and transparency of Forza headpieces.

With this limited special model Pearl offers a quality flute whose extras are not associated with additional costs compared to the regular model.
All this makes the 695E-958S a really nice celebration of the company anniversary.

Pearl Flutes Dolce
The Dolce series meets the ambitious musician's every wish of a high quality flute. This series is handmade with a touch of TLC. Experienced flute builders design these flutes according to ancient Japanese flute building tradition. With this series Pearl allows the ambitious musician to acquire a handmade instrument with an exact intonation and a full sound at an affordable price.

The 925 sterling silver headpiece gives the flute a warm and expressive sound. In collaboration with the craftsman at Pearl, the Dolce Series features two hand-crafted headpieces: the Forza headpiece creates a full-bodied sound, combined with rich, powerful sound. The Largo headpiece offers a more traditional characteristic. It produces a smooth and soft sound

The drawn tone holes produce a precise response and articulation. The top-of-the-range mechanics are just as compulsory as the "pinless" mechanics or the "one-piece core bar" construction.

For all Dolce flutes you can choose from closed flaps or ring flaps. Ring flaps require a more precise finger technique, which in turn benefits a more accurate flute playing experience.


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