Pearl Flutes Dolce PF 695 BE
Transverse Flute Pearl Flutes Dolce PF 695 BETransverse Flute Pearl Flutes Dolce PF 695 BE (2)Transverse Flute Pearl Flutes Dolce PF 695 BE (3)

Pearl Flutes Dolce PF 695 BE

  • Tuning: C
  • Finish: Silver plated
  • Headpiece material: Sterling silver (925)
  • Head: Straight headjoint
  • Lip plate material: Sterling silver (925)
  • Lip plate: Forza
  • Body material: Nickel silver
  • Keywork material: Nickel silver
  • Mechanics: french style keys
  • Keys: Closed keys
  • E-Mechanism: yes
  • Offset G: yes
  • Foot piece: H-Foot
  • "Pinless"-Mechanism and "One-Piece-Core-Bar" construction
  • Drawn tone holes
  • Accessories: Case with cover and shoulder strap, wiper, cleaning agent

Pearl Flutes Dolce PF 695 BE · Transverse Flute

The Pearl 695 E [/ B] meets the ambitious musicians desire for a quality flute. The handmade instrument has drawn tone holes. Drawn tone holes are punched from the body of the flute and produce a faster and fuller sound. The sterling silver headpiece gives the flute a rich and warm sound, and easy response. The Pointed Arms is as much the basic equipment such as the "pinless" mechanism or the One-Piece Core Bar construction.

This series is handmade in Taiwan with lovingly detailed work.
Experienced flutemakers manufacture these flutes according to old Japanese flute making tradition. With this series, Pearl allows the ambitious musician it to acquire a handmade instrument with precise intonation and a rich sound at an affordable price.

"One-Piece Core Bar" design
The "One-Piece Core Bar" design of all Pearl Flutes eliminates the wear problems of flutes with a traditional mechanism. Pearl has designed an axis running from the high C-flap through the middle Lugs in addition to the F # key. The result is a highly reliable mechanism, which allows for more playing comfort, brings a much lower wear with it, longer retains the tuninig and is easier to adjust.

"pinless" mechanism
A patented Pearl hallmark of all Pearl Flutes is the "pinless" design, which eliminates the problems of traditional mechanism - protruding needles damage the clothes and sweat and body acid penetrate, cause corrosion and bent flaps. Apart from the unique "pinless" design all Pearl Flutes feature an additional bridge mechanism, which gives the entire mechanics stability. Additional Allen screws are used on the underside of the flap and protect the mechanism against sweat penetration.

The "E mechanism"
In the E-mechanism is an additional lever. This makes the high E (e3) easier and more accurate to play . It prevents the musician from "slipping" the tone and provides additional playing security. The E-mechanics has proven itself and prevailed for many years with amateurs and semi-professionals.

The "Offset G":
The as "Offset G" designated position of the key, with which one plays the "G" is one, now standard on any good flute. This key position lets the instrument firt the hand and not the other way round. So Please make sure that your flute always has an "offset G" - your fingers will thank you

Pearl Flutes Dolce
The Dolce series meets the ambitious musician's every wish of a high quality flute. This series is handmade with a touch of TLC. Experienced flute builders design these flutes according to ancient Japanese flute building tradition. With this series Pearl allows the ambitious musician to acquire a handmade instrument with an exact intonation and a full sound at an affordable price.

The 925 sterling silver headpiece gives the flute a warm and expressive sound. In collaboration with the craftsman at Pearl, the Dolce Series features two hand-crafted headpieces: the Forza headpiece creates a full-bodied sound, combined with rich, powerful sound. The Largo headpiece offers a more traditional characteristic. It produces a smooth and soft sound

The drawn tone holes produce a precise response and articulation. The top-of-the-range mechanics are just as compulsory as the "pinless" mechanics or the "one-piece core bar" construction.

For all Dolce flutes you can choose from closed flaps or ring flaps. Ring flaps require a more precise finger technique, which in turn benefits a more accurate flute playing experience.


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